How to clean retainers: Tips and tricks

Retainers have to be kept very clean. Naturally, they are used to chew food for us, hence this agent needs to be totally neat or else we may end up getting an infection due to the dirt in them.

Using baking soda is a good idea

Using baking soda is a great idea to clean retainers. Without using any harsh chemicals, one can still clean retainers properly. It is true that most retainers are made with porous substances. This will make them able to absorb the liquid you are using to clean them.It seems  had gotten as far as Woburn toward the end of a long day on the road … converted to multioccupant commercial zoning and are occupied by dentist in woburn Some people were used to making use of Invisalign. However, what has been understood is that this method is not good as Invisalign has a toxic substance called persulfate in it. This is an allergen used in dental cleaningand can cause an allergy.

Using mouthwash is not so cool

Some people even use mouthwash for this purpose. However, these contain alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate. These are known to dry out retainers and even dry up the mouth area. This dryness can be bad for the retainers. And our mouth can emit bad breath due to dryness in it.

Baking soda, on the other hand, hikes up the pH of the mouth, naturally. This will result in a reduction in the number of bad bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria usually prefer an acidic environment to live and multiply in. Baking soda, on the flip side, makes the whole mouth more basic in nature and helps prevention of bacteria multiplication. Some retainers are known to develop a kind of fruity smell in them which is unpleasant. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer as well.

Use a toothbrush to clean retainers

It is a misnomer that using toothbrushes will scratch the retainers. In fact, the latest theory taking rounds is that brushing with a toothbrush will remove the tartar from the retainers which will obviously accumulate with time.

Alcohol damages retainers. Bleach and certain other harsh chemicals too are not good for them. It is known that boiling water or anything very hot inside the mouth can even deform the retainers. It is advisable to keep the retainers moist at all times. When out of the mouth, always keep them in a beaker or any other container filled with distilled water. Put some baking soda or a bit of castile soap in the container as well.

After every few months or so, if you feel there is a lot of build up in the retainers, take them to the dentist. He has the necessary chemicals for disinfecting them. He even has the tools for taking out the build-up without the use of chemicals.

One aspect which you can consult the dentist is that if he or she gives you an option about which substance to structure out your retainer with, ask him for a set made of the least porous ones.

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