basement construction


Getting a basement made is something which a large chunk of populace does. It is a room which is very functional if you choose to make it so. It adds on a good quotient of living space. And it does add in some storage room, as it does a lot else too. However, there are some factors which one should keep track of before finishing off the work in the basement. 

At times, when we think basement, we think of a something which is not as up to the mark as the rooms above it. This should ideally not be the way to look at things. However, to have a really rocking basement, one needs to keep a lot in mind while doing it up. If you wish to put in an extra washroom in the basement, there is a lot to be done. If the main drain of your home or office is runs underground, your job is simple. If it runs above the level of the basement you will need to grind and pump in a bit. 

When it comes to the light in the basement, one has to be really careful. Or else, you may end up with a dark, gloomy patch somewhere underground. The ventilators in the basement have to be placed with a lot of thoughting to have maximum sunlight stream in. This can also be done by installing an egress window.Then there are some laws as per which another conduit to come out of the basement is a must. An egress window can sort out this issue as well. 

To prevent any problems with water and its exiting the basement area, it is best to have a drain placed somewhere in the vicinity. Another major issue which really has to be sorted out properly is that of the ceiling in the basement. At times, there are pipes, ducts and wires which need to be hidden to prevent major eye sores from popping up all over the place. For this, try having a ceiling which is a bit lower in height with all these items concealed in the overhead spacing. However, the ceiling height must be pre-determined. Do not think of the basement as a place where you can bend over and work. You need to have the overall height of this space as at least something like your height plus your arms stretched upwards, put together. 

For making the basement alike its upper floor rooms, one has to per force use drywall. This will be of immense help in case of basement flooding, which is something of a reality in most places. As it is, fiberglass-faced drywall is shades better than paper faced drywall since the latter can start moulding. Also, you need to have some openings to those areas where you have shutoffs, junction boxes or electricity meters. Also, waterproofing the basement in all ways possible will sort out a lot of problems which may happen later on.

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