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Why are criminal defense solicitors in Kitchener so famous?

There are a variety of reasons why criminal defense solicitors in Kitchener are so famous. The numerous amount of high profile criminal cases in Kitchener, which were accompanied by highly competent, aggressive and passionate criminal defense solicitors have built and maintained Kitchener criminal lawyer reputation. For example, countless murder cases, fentanyl and other psychoactive drug cases and even ATM thefts and high-profile DUI charges are some examples that have contributed to the criminal defense ranking in Kitchener.

For instance, during a high profile DUI trial, “The prosecution of two… cases fell apart because of charter violations by police”1. The meticulous nature of Kitchener’s criminal defense lawyers were able to swiftly drive out the inconsistencies and flaws in the Crowns’ argument and the previous arrest procedures. Moreover, according to the Three Best Rated website, there are three top criminal defense solicitors in Kitchener, which include Michael Kruse, Witmer Darwin R., and Kirsten Van Drunen.

In addition, the website also measures these criminal defense solicitors on the basis of experience, contact information that is available, service diversification, business images, exact services, complete information provided and website standards. Despite the sound criminal defense services offered in Kitchener, there are other elements that have also contributed to Kitchener’s reputation in criminal defense and prestige.

According to The, Kitchener had opened a new courthouse in 2013, which is described as “Magnificent” by many. The expenditure on the new courthouse was around $766 million (including future maintenance) and is equipped with a 300 person waiting area for jury selection along with other remarkable features. For example, there are 30 courtrooms situated in the courthouse, a technologically advanced sound system to ensure all voices are clearly heard during trial, digital screens for the presentation of evidence to both the jury and judge and 500 security cameras for safety measures.

Essentially, the purpose of the courthouse is to boost efficiency by integrating both the Superior and Ontario Court matters into one building. Criminal defense solicitors in Kitchener, especially the seasoned solicitors with an impressive reputation now have more efficient means in presenting evidence in a prestigious and highly advanced court setting; which has contributed to Kitchener’s fame in criminal defense. Furthermore, the majority of criminal defense solicitors in Kitchener possess support from very influential legal institutions and organizations.

For instance, affiliation with The Law Society of Upper Canada, a Member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and experience in trials at all three levels of court is not uncommon for Kitchener’s criminal defense solicitors. This means that when a client is in need of a competent criminal defense lawyer, one does not need to search far and wide since Kitchener is home to a vast selection of some of the best legal support in Ontario.

It becomes apparent that the compounded effects of countless successful criminal defense cases, possessing support from the advanced courthouse and maintaining close connections to legal institutions has contributed to Kitchener’s fame in criminal defense. Therefore, if you are in need of a legal defense and are residing in Kitchener then you should be confident in locating a competent criminal defense solicitor who will defend on your behalf.

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